When you visit a Wesley Healthcare facility, we consider you to be our guest – even if you aren’t receiving treatment. Our physicians, nurses and management team are honored and pleased that you have chosen Wesley for your, or a loved one’s, medical needs. Wesley’s network of experienced doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals are committed to delivering the highest level of healthcare possible for patients in Wichita and throughout Kansas and northern Oklahoma.

Our mission

The reputation for excellence that we have built over the years can be attributed to the compassion and expertise of all our surgeons and other physicians who provide outstanding care at our network of facilities. We thank you for making us the most preferred hospital in Kansas.

Have questions or need assistance?

If you have any questions or concerns, please speak with anyone wearing a Wesley badge. Our goal is to provide courteous services at all times.

Resources for our patients

From here, you can explore the resources you need to prepare for your stay at our hospitals. You can also learn about payment options and class options that help us give you the best experience possible.