Wesley Medical Center has a technologically advanced drug distribution system that is widely recognized throughout the United States. To enhance patient safety, bar code technology is used from the time each drug arrives in the pharmacy until it is administered to a patient in order to minimize opportunities for error. Electronic medication administration records and electronic intervention documentation systems are in place.

Pharmacists at Wesley are involved in all aspects of pharmaceutical care. We employ clinical specialists who monitor patients, make rounds with physicians, participate in medication use evaluations, and improve patient safety through protocol and preprinted order development. Clinical staff pharmacists review medication orders and monitor patients on a daily basis. They have the opportunity to participate in code blue and trauma response, provide patient education, and to serve as members of an anticoagulation service.


Investigational drugs provide patients and physicians with access to novel therapies, often allowing treatment of diseases or conditions for which there are no approved alternatives. The pharmacy investigational drug service provides the experience and expertise needed to support studies with investigational drugs. In addition, clinical pharmacists at Wesley often design and conduct research studies that advance pharmacy practice or improve knowledge about the optimal use of existing medications.

Educational Opportunities

Wesley provides an ASHP-accredited pharmacy practice residency. The program provides opportunities for experience in many areas including adult medicine, pediatrics, critical care, infectious diseases, ambulatory care, drug information, safe medication practices, and research. Clinical pharmacists at Wesley also serve as preceptors for doctor of pharmacy students from the University of Kansas and Creighton University.

Pharmacy Residents’ Office

Career Opportunities


Opportunities often exist for clinically oriented, highly motivated candidates. Please contact a member of the pharmacy management team (316) 962-2305 or the Human Resources Department at Wesley (316) 962-2600 for additional information.

Pharmacy Technicians

A key role in the pharmacy department is that of pharmacy technician, allowing motivated individuals to experience a satisfying and rewarding career. Although candidates with previous experience are preferred, we do offer an in-house training program. All pharmacy technicians are encouraged to progress up the department’s career ladder, offering opportunities for more responsibility and higher pay. Pharmacy technicians have the opportunity to work in a variety of settings and to manage the drug preparation and distribution system. Flexible scheduling is available. Contact a member of the pharmacy management team for additional information (316) 962-2305 or visit Wesley Careers.