Who are Wesley's OB Navigators?

What is the purpose of a Maternity Nurse Navigator?

Our purpose as Maternity Navigators is to help guide you through your pregnancy, advocate for you if needed and to be your friend who has experience and education-- someone you can ask any question 7 days a week and get sound advice. We’re here to support you and show you that WMC is the best place to deliver your baby!

Do I have to have an OB Navigator to deliver at Wesley?

When do I meet with the Maternity Nurse Navigator?

Your first meeting would be during the 8-20 to discuss resources/education classes, tour the facility, best form of communication (call, text or email).

The second meeting takes place from 20-30wga. At this meeting we will discuss birth plan, pain management, pediatricians, as well as giving you a new mom gift!

The third meeting will take place between 30-40wga. This meeting will discuss any other questions you may have, safe sleep education, as well as setting up an appointment with our PAT, Jamie, for preadmission and lab work.

For your postpartum visit, usually 2-3 weeks after delivery, we will utilize your best form of communication whether it be through text, call or email to check in with you. No need to get out of the house!

What does the OB Navigator program cost?

How do I contact the Maternity Nurse Navigator?

Call or text (316) 347-1785 7 days a week. The phone will be off overnight 9pm-8am.

The office is located on the first floor of building 3, beside the elevators. Office hours are Monday-Friday 8am-5pm with some flexibility, depending on when people are able to meet.

Perinatal High Risk FAQ’s

What is a Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialist?

A Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialist or MFM is a doctor who specializes in complications of pregnancy related to the mother or unborn baby.

What is a high-risk pregnancy?

A high-risk pregnancy is when the life or health of either the mother or unborn baby are threatened. This can be due to conditions prior to pregnancy or can develop as the pregnancy progresses.

What is a Neonatologist?

A Neonatologist is a physician who specializes in the care of neonates (newborns) or premature infants