Wesley Healthcare April 02, 2015

WICHITA – Wesley Medical Center's robust healthcare simulation program recently received a boost with a $26,870 grant to grow Wesley's simulation portfolio and pediatric education options.

The 2015 HCA Cares grant will go toward the purchase of a SimJunior high-fidelity manikin, a lifelike simulated 6 year old that helps healthcare workers learn a wide range of medical skills in order to gain exposure and practical experience with life-threatening pediatric problems.

"This grant will help support our pediatric initiatives and complement our new children's hospital," said Amy Wiley, nurse educator and simulation coordinator in Wesley’s staff development department. "Currently there are pediatric simulation codes done in the pediatric intensive care unit with either borrowed equipment or using our SimMan equipment and adapting. With the addition of SimJunior, the experience will be much more realistic. And now we can do simulations whenever we want or when the need comes up."

Healthcare simulation uses technology to create highly realistic participatory learning experiences that do not involve actual patient care. Studies show it improves clinical skills, teamwork and patient safety, and it is rapidly becoming a new standard in health professions education.

Wesley has been at the forefront of simulation education for years and regularly holds simulation codes and other training events for Wesley nurses and doctors, as well as for medical students, nursing students and other healthcare professionals.

"It is exciting that Wesley is continuing to expand simulation training with the addition of a pediatric manikin," said Mary Koehn, associate professor at Wichita State University and co-director of HealthSim United, a Wichita organization that supports and coordinates simulation opportunities for healthcare providers and students throughout south-central Kansas.

"Simulation is a powerful tool for health professionals at all levels, as it provides a safe and effective opportunity to improve the good work we do," Koehn said. "The feedback from students as well as practicing professionals who have participated in interprofessional simulation experiences has been amazing."

Wiley said the addition of SimMan at Wesley last year has allowed the hospital to do simulated experiences in multiple departments, including the intensive care units, the pediatric emergency department and the pediatric intensive care unit. Respiratory therapy has utilized "Sid" to practice intubation skills and respond to airway issues.

"Even a few of our trauma mid-level providers have enjoyed practicing clinical skills on Sid – and we haven’t even had him for a year yet," Wiley said. "Using high-fidelity manikins for simulation activities takes the education experience to a higher level and makes it a more beneficial learning experience for all professions."

This not only benefits the participants, she said, but ultimately the patients.

"In the sim lab, they can practice and make mistakes in a safe learning environment without risk to an actual patient," Wiley said. "These manikins are so lifelike, they allow the participant to get experiences they would normally have to wait to experience on the floors when they take care of an actual patient. There is really no limit as to what we can do with simulation."

This is the second HCA Cares grant Wesley has been awarded. Last year, the simulation program won a grant of $54,945, which allowed for the purchase of the SimMan high-fidelity manikin.

This year's grant also will purchase a MegaCode Kid – a realistic manikin for training in a wide range of pediatric advanced life saving skills in pre-hospital emergencies – and the technology to go with it, Wiley said.

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