Wesley Healthcare
April 02, 2014

WICHITA – Wesley Medical Center has completed the first phase of its $36 million women’s renovation project. The 65,000-square-foot construction project includes floor and patient room upgrades, including renovation of 65 existing rooms and the addition of 16 new rooms.

The first phase of construction affected the fourth and fifth floors, which are the postpartum and antepartum units of the hospital. Wesley now has 33 updated rooms, along with nurses’ station and hallways. Like all patient rooms at Wesley, the new and updated areas contain all private rooms.

“We deliver more than 6,000 babies each year, more than any hospital in a 13-state region,” said Cindy Harmon, Wesley’s women’s and infant’ services interim director. “So it’s important that we continue to reinvest in this area and ensure we’re providing our moms and moms-to-be with the very best in facilities and services.”

In addition to the facility upgrades, Wesley recently created a new women’s nurse navigator role to serve as a liaison between patients, their families and healthcare and social services. Women with high-risk pregnancies or families from out of town can especially benefit from this service.

And women who stay in Wesley’s newly renovated patient rooms will also benefit from the world’s leading patient engagement technology from Lincor Solutions.

“The addition of the LINC Technology gives us the opportunity to create a better environment for our patients, one that allows them to more easily connect to their life outside of the hospital,” said Kathy Neely, Wesley’s chief nursing officer.

The LINC Technology platform delivers access to a patient’s clinical information, offering the opportunity to update medical records, verify medication and review the patient’s last scans and test results. Communication services, entertainment content and patient education opportunities are also provided through the technology. Patients will be able to access the Internet, listen to the radio, play video games and Skype with grandma, all from their bedside.

The technology also offers a range of services designed to integrate with critical non-clinical functions such as housekeeping and catering.

“The integration of our hospital, clinical and administrative systems will cut costs and create better workflow efficiencies throughout the hospital all while providing a great patient experience,” said Bill Voloch, Wesley’s chief operating officer. “It’s a win-win for everyone.”

The second phase of construction will include the other half of the fourth and fifth floors, plus the third floor. The final phase will renovate more postpartum rooms, as well as outpatient surgery rooms. The project is scheduled to be completed in December 2014.

Ribbon-Cutting & Live LINC Technology Demonstration: Join us this morning for a ribbon-cutting ceremony from 10:30am–11:00am when Wesley administration and city officials will unveil the renovated women’s area. LINC Technology demonstrations and tours of the renovated areas will be available following the ceremony. Ribbon-cutters:

  • Bill Voloch – Wesley’s Chief Operating Officer

  • Matt Leary – Wesley’s Chief Financial Officer

  • Kathy Neely – Wesley’s Chief Nursing Officer

  • Francie Ekengren, MD – Wesley’s Chief Medical Officer

  • Cindy Harmon – Wesley’s Women’s & Infant’s Interim Director

  • Travis Stembridge, MD – Associates in Women’s Health

  • David Grainger, MD – Center for Reproductive Medicine

  • Robert McKay, MD – Mid-Continent Anesthesia, Chartered

  • Thalia Lopez, MD – Mid-Kansas Women’s Center, PA

  • Nestor R. Weigand, Jr. – Wesley Board of Trustee Member

  • Mayor Carl Brewer

  • Vice Mayor Pete Meitzner

  • Lavonta Williams – City Commissioner / District I

For more information about Wesley Medical Center, please visit www.wesleymc.com.

Wesley Medical Centeris the region’s leading acute care hospital network providing a full range of diagnostic and treatment services for patients throughout Kansas and northern Oklahoma since 1912. As a leader in Overall Recommended Care, Wesley treats more than 24,000 patients annually and delivers more than 6,000 babies – more than any hospital in a 13-state region. Wesley provides the most extensive emergency network in Wichita, with Wesley ER, Wesley West ER and Galichia ER. Wesley owns and operates Galichia Heart Hospital, WesleyCare Clinics and the Pediatric Center of Kansas. To learn more about Wesley Medical Center, please visit wesleymc.com