Wichita, KS – Wesley Healthcare announced today that it has partnered with Sarah Cannon,
the Cancer Institute of HCA Healthcare, to expand its comprehensive cancer treatment
services in Kansas. Through the collaboration, patients in Wichita and throughout the region
will have greater access to world-class cancer care programs – including expanded nurse
navigation programs – close to home.

“By joining Sarah Cannon’s global cancer network, we are further enhancing and impacting
care delivery, not just in Wichita but across the state,” said Sylvia Young, president of HCA
Healthcare’s Continental Division. “Wesley’s already trusted cancer programs, experts and
caregivers are joining a team of industry leaders who are committed to bringing the latest
advancements in research and care to the patients we serve.”

By joining together, Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute at Wesley Healthcare will contribute to
advancing standards of care across the Sarah Cannon network and beyond.

“We are proud to officially launch our collaboration with the team of experts at Wesley
Healthcare,” said Fred LeMaistre, MD, Senior Vice President of Market Operations for Sarah
Cannon. “With Wesley’s commitment to delivering the highest quality cancer care to Kansas
communities, combined with the expertise of Sarah Cannon’s global network of physician
leaders, Wesley Healthcare will be positioned to fight cancer like never before.”

Wesley Healthcare is making numerous new investments in technology and infrastructure to
the oncology program, including a new $10.9 million oncology unit at Wesley Medical Center,
which will deliver state-of-the-art facilities and resources to patients and their families.

“The new, 33-bed unit will ensure that our patients can receive specialized care in a unit
designed specifically to meet their needs and the needs of their loved ones,” Bill Voloch, CEO
of Wesley Healthcare said. “While Wesley Healthcare’s dedicated physicians and staff have
always offered quality care to patients battling cancer, this new unit will take our delivery of
oncology services to an entirely new level.”

The new space will allow all oncology patients to be cared for within a single unit, served by a team that is specially trained to care for those with cancer. New nursing stations will be added at each corner of the unit so that documentation can be performed in closer proximity to patient rooms, and the unit will feature a dedicated space for family members, complete with a TV, coffee bar and other amenities.

“The support of family plays a huge role in the health and recovery of our patients, so the new space will include a gathering room that will give loved ones a place to relax,” Kolbe Sheridan, Wesley’s Chief Operating Officer, said. “Cancer doesn’t just impact the patient. It impacts the whole family, so whatever we can do to help make them more comfortable is a priority.”
Construction of the new oncology unit is slated to begin this summer, with completion within
12-14 months.

Through the partnership with Sarah Cannon, Wesley is also offering resources to the
community through its askSARAH helpline, which provides callers with access to trained
nurses who can answer cancer-related questions 24/7. Patients and family members can call
the askSARAH line at (316) 776-6470.
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