Wesley Healthcare
August 16, 2021

As of 1:00pm Monday, Aug. 16, 2021, Wesley Healthcare will be allowing only one visitor per patient as the rapid spread of the Delta variant causes COVID-19 infections and hospitalizations to rise across the state. This change will allow Wesley hospitals to limit the number of people entering its facilities without reinstating full “no visitor” policies.

“While we understand how difficult it can be for patients and families, we’re taking this step to better protect our patients, visitors, physicians and colleagues from the sharp rise in COVID-19 cases we’re seeing across our community,” said Bill Voloch, CEO of Wesley Healthcare. “We feel this step will help minimize the number of people inside our hospitals while still allowing our patients to have the support they need.”

Only one visitor per adult patient will be allowed at a time, both in the hospital and in the ER.

Visitors will sign in upon entry so that hospital staff can track visitors for each patient.

Visiting hours will remain in effect from 6:00am to 8:00pm daily, and all patients, visitors and staff MUST wear a mask at all times. No visitors will be allowed in high-risk areas (e.g. COVID-positive patient units) and no children under the age of 12 will be allowed to visit.

Certain exceptions to this policy will remain in place, including:

  • No more than two visitors at one time, per patient, for the Neonatal ICU (NICU), all inpatient pediatric units, Labor and Delivery/Birth Care Suites and 5 Women’s mom/baby unit.
  • Labor and Delivery/Birth Care Suites and 5 Women’s mom/baby unit visitors are limited to birth partners and family members only.
  • Certain exceptions may also be made for religious visitation, designated support people for patients with disabilities and end-of-life situations.

“We hope these changes will help us better manage the risk of spreading the virus in our facilities, and keep our patients, visitors, colleagues and physicians safe as we continue to deal with the current crisis,” Voloch said.

Wesley Healthcare continues to require mandatory masking for all staff and visitors, and encourages area residents to seek vaccination for COVID-19, wear a mask and practice social distancing to help control the infection rates across our community.

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