Wesley Healthcare
July 08, 2014

Physician Seth Page, MD, began his medical career at Wesley Medical Center as 15-year-old freshman

WICHITA – When Seth Page walked into Wesley Medical Center as a high school freshman, he had no idea those volunteer hours spent with Wesley’s Volunteen Program would lead to a 20-year relationship with hospital.

Dr. Page had an early interest in pursuing medicine as a career and thought Wesley’s Volunteen program experience would be invaluable. He was a Volunteen for all four years of high school, and the experience taught him how to navigate the hospital, how a hospital works and how to interact with patients.

“You learn very quickly how to read patients,” said Dr. Page, an internal medicine physician with Cancer Center of Kansas. “There are the ones you can joke with and others you just need to leave by themselves.”

After completing his undergraduate degree, Dr. Page then worked as a phlebotomist before heading to medical school. The Volunteen Program was always a good conversation starter in job interviews, and he also noted his volunteer experience on applications.

“It honestly probably helped me get into medical school,” Dr. Page said. “It truly is the best exposure to medicine you can get as a 15 year old.”

Wesley’s Volunteen Program is celebrating its 25th anniversary this summer with 119 students enrolled in the program.

These Volunteens have completed eighth grade and need to maintain at least a C grade average to participate. First-year Volunteen students work out of Wesley’s Guest Services Department while second, third and fourth-year students work in areas such as the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Lactation, Emergency, Pediatrics and Imaging Departments.

“The program provides students a unique opportunity to learn about the medical profession,” said Carol Stricker, Wesley’s guest services manager. “Students have the opportunity to see how a medical center functions, often going into areas others rarely see and observing healthcare personnel in action.”

Reflecting on his Volunteen experience, Dr. Page sees it as a very positive experience that has helped him to this day.

“While things have certainly changed since I was Volunteen 20 years ago, my great working experience with Wesley has not,” he said. “Any young person interested in pursuing the medical field needs to apply to this program. It changed my life.”

For more information about the Wesley Medical Center’s Volunteen Program, please call 316.962.2100.