Emergency care hospital at Wesley Medical Center

Wesley Medical Center has the largest ER in Kansas, providing 42 all-private rooms and a wide range of medical services for both adults and children.

If you are experiencing a medical emergency, call 911 immediately. For questions about our ER, please call (316) 962-2000.

Wesley Medical Center’s ER is prepared to treat all types of injuries. Board-certified trauma surgeons, surgical intensive care specialists and trauma support nurses and pharmacists are available 24/7.

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Wesley Medical Center’s ER offers:

Pediatric ER

Our pediatric ER at Wesley Medical Center is a child-friendly environment separate from our adult emergency room. Our pediatric ER includes a staff of emergency medicine physicians specializing in pediatric care, as well as pediatric dedicated nurses and child life specialists.

Our children’s ER also includes access to respiratory therapists, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals who specialize in pediatric care. The pediatric ER staff is prepared for all types of children’s emergencies, ranging from sudden illness to a life-threatening injury.

Ready Care

Wesley Medical Center’s ER also provides Ready Care services, an express lane through the emergency room in a convenient, timely setting for patients. The Ready Care service area is managed by healthcare providers trained in emergency medicine and is fully supervised by board-certified physicians.

As an alternative care route from the regular ER, patients are referred to the service through the regular emergency entrance upon arrival at the hospital. Ready Care is ideal for patients who need immediate care for a minor emergency in the Wichita area, such as sprains, sore throats, ear infections and rashes.

Visiting the Wesley Medical Center ER

The ER at Wesley Medical Center is open 24/7. Our ER is located right off of North Hillside Street, and it is identifiable by an "Emergency Entrance" overhang sign.

The Wesley Pediatric ER is separate from the main ER and is open from noon to midnight seven days a week. Our pediatric ER can be accessed through the south end of the hospital. If a child needs emergency care outside of the pediatric ER hours, he or she will be treated in our main ER.

Emergency care at Wesley Healthcare

Emergency care is the treatment of emergent medical conditions. It is generally performed in an emergency room, but can also refer to treatment in an ambulance. Emergency medicine physicians may treat patients with injuries or infections, in addition to life-threatening conditions.

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