Level I Trauma Center at Wesley Medical Center

Wesley Medical Center is a designated Level I Trauma Center, meaning our facility provides the highest level of surgical and emergency medical care to incoming trauma patients. Additionally, we are a Level II Pediatric Trauma Center, serving children in our pediatric ER.

Call 911 immediately for any life-threatening medical problem.

Accessing trauma care at Wesley Medical Center

Trauma services are available at Wesley Medical Center 24/7. Trauma patients are admitted through our main ER entrance. Our ER is located right off of North Hillside Street, and it is identifiable by an "Emergency Entrance" overhang sign.

The Wesley pediatric ER is separate from the main ER and is open from noon to midnight seven days a week. Our pediatric ER can be accessed through the south end of the hospital. If a child needs emergency care outside of the pediatric ER hours, he or she will be treated in our main ER.

Trauma center at Wesley Healthcare

Trauma centers provide highly-trained physicians, specialists, critical care nurses and support staff who are available around the clock to care for your most serious healthcare needs. Trauma centers often provide burn care for individuals suffering from minor to severe burns.

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