Postpartum support at Wesley Medical Center

Wesley Women’s Hospital is a four-story unit of Wesley Medical Center dedicated to the care of women. Within our Wesley Women’s Hospital are designated floors for pregnancy and maternity care. We provide comprehensive postpartum care to address any concerns new mothers may have about their bodies or babies.

For more information about postpartum care at Wesley Medical Center, please call (316) 962-3627.

As the first hospital in Kansas to be designated a Baby-Friendly Hospital, Wesley Medical Center continues to encourage skin-to-skin contact between moms and newborns, as well as rooming-in after birth. We also offer breastfeeding support at the WesleyCare Breastfeeding Clinic.

WesleyCare Breastfeeding Clinic

The WesleyCare Breastfeeding Clinic is a free, walk-in clinic for women whose babies were born at Wesley Medical Center or Wesley Birth Care Suites. A one-time chart initiation fee of $50 is required for women who did not deliver at a Wesley facility.

The walk-in clinic is located on the first floor of the Medical Arts Tower. It is open Monday through Friday from noon to 3 p.m.

For more information about the WesleyCare Breastfeeding Clinic, please call (316) 962-6455.

Postpartum care at Wesley Healthcare

After your baby is born, recovering and bonding with your new child is of the utmost importance. Our commitment is to put you and your baby first while providing care for all your post-pregnancy needs.

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