Emergency pediatric care at Wesley Children's Hospital

When your child experiences a medical emergency, you want to know he or she is receiving the fastest care possible from a team of qualified, compassionate healthcare professionals. Our multidisciplinary pediatric ER team at Wesley Children's Hospital is committed to providing quality care for any type of emergency your child may experience.

If you believe your child is having a medical emergency, call 911 immediately or visit the closest ER.

ER care designed for children

The Wesley Pediatric ER includes a staff of emergency medicine physicians, as well as nurses, respiratory therapists, pharmacists and child life specialists who are committed to creating an encouraging and nurturing environment for children and their loved ones.

Our staff provides expert, compassionate inpatient care, and we are prepared for all types of children's emergencies, ranging from sudden illness to a life-threatening injury. When it comes to ER care, children are not just small adults, they also need the expert, respectful care found at our pediatric ER.

How to get to our pediatric ER

Located inside of Wesley Medical Center, our pediatric ER can be accessed through the south end of the hospital. Always check in through the adult ER to ensure that your child is treated as quickly as possible. We do not offer emergency check-in at the Wesley Children’s Hospital entrance.

If you have questions, call our team at (316) 962-2000.

Pediatric emergency care at Wesley Healthcare

Specialized staff provide pediatric emergency care in a pediatric-friendly emergency room (ER). Highly trained pediatric doctors and nurses use child-sized medical equipment to evaluate and treat your child for medical emergencies.

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