Pediatric Infusion Therapy at Wesley Children's Hospital

Wesley Children's provides intravenous medications, blood, fluids, chemotherapy and other infusion therapies to pediatric patients in an outpatient setting.

Located on the second floor of building 4, the pediatric infusion department has patient rooms including a bed and two chairs. Movies, child life, music therapy, Carl our facility dog, or other activities are offered to make children’s infusion appointments easier.

Pediatric infusion procedures

Our pediatric sedation nurses, along with Child Life specialists, accomplish these infusions with skill and caring in a child-friendly setting. APHON (Association of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Nurses) chemo certified nurses administer outpatient chemotherapy infusion.

Procedures at Wesley include:

Infusion therapy at Wesley Healthcare

Infusion services are an intravenous way for patients to receive direct medication. Infusion therapy delivers substances directly to the vein and may be utilized to correct dehydration, deliver a blood transfusion or provide medications.

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