Wesley’s pediatric emergency room is a child-friendly environment separate from the adult emergency rooms. Everything in it is designed to reduce children’s stress and anxiety while providing a reassuring atmosphere for them and their parents. Each child patient has their own private room, toys, books and other fun activities included, and families are more than welcome.

Pediatric ER 1
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Wesley’s pediatricians are committed to creating an encouraging and nurturing environment for children and their loved ones. When your child needs emergency care, you can trust the pediatric ER staff at Wesley to provide them with the level of care and comfort you demand as a parent.

Is your child having a medical emergency? Check your symptom tracker if you are debating taking your child to the ER.

The pediatric ER is open during peak hours from noon- midnight, seven days a week. During that time, our advertised pediatric ER wait times present the average time to see a qualified medical professional. When the pediatric ER is not open, the pediatric ER wait times are more representative of those in the main Wesley Medical Center ER.