The Edge® Radiosurgery System offers patients a fast, effective surgical option for treating tumors without incisions or the need for overnight hospital stays. Treatments are done on an outpatient basis and are typically completed within the same week, usually taking one-to-five sessions. Each session usually lasts less than an hour, helping patients get in and out of treatment quickly and back to their daily lives.

With the Edge radiosurgery system, a wide range of tumors that are typically difficult to reach with traditional surgery can be targeted and treated with power and precision. The technology may be used to treat tumors found in the lung, brain, spine and other areas throughout the body.

The Edge system works by delivering large, targeted doses of radiation to obliterate cancer cells. To accurately deliver the recommended amount of radiation, the beam treats each part of the tumor from many different angles. Using precise beam sculpting and a real-time tracking system, clinicians are able to deliver high radiation doses to destroy the tumor while minimizing exposure to surrounding healthy tissue.

Wesley is the first and only hospital in southeast Kansas to offer the Edge system for cancer treatment and it is the latest addition to Wesley’s comprehensive radiation oncology services our dedicated radiologists and oncologists provide the Wichita and Northern Oklahoma community. Wesley offers a full range of traditional linear accelerator and brachytherapy services, and the region’s only pediatric oncology program.

At Wesley, our medical team believes that excellent cancer treatment requires comprehensive care. Our cancer care program includes inpatient and outpatient treatment as well as a navigator program to guide you through your cancer treatment. Our radiologists, oncologists and other healthcare providers believe every patient deserves an individualized program and work with you to create the best course of action for your health.

To learn more, please talk to your doctor or call a Wesley oncology nurse navigator at (316) 962-7087.