Pediatric sedation at Wesley Medical Center offers patients the benefit of pain and anxiety relief based on each child’s specific needs prior to medical procedures. One of our pediatric intensivists is in the procedural unit each day. The pediatric sedation nurses are all specially trained for this patient population.

Some procedures appropriate for pediatric sedation include:

  • PIV start
  • Radiological/neurodiagnostic procedure
  • Procedural sedation with analgesia for PICC insertion, bone marrow aspiration or biopsy, bronchoscopy, circumcision, CVL removals, echocardiography, lumbar puncture with intrathecal chemotherapy, needle EMG with or without Botox injections, CT scan, MRI scan, EDG, renal ultrasound, renal scan with nuclear medicine, cerebral arteriogram, EEG, shuntogram, bone scan, thoracentesis US, radiation TX/non-invasive imaging, BAER and other procedures

The pediatric sedation program at Wesley has provided superior patient and family care since 2003. Our pediatric sedation staff provides careful screening and continuous monitoring of each patient before, during and after each sedation. Child life specialists contribute to the overall comfort and ease of stay with games, toys and procedure strategies.

For more information on pediatric sedation, please call (316) 962-7940.

Pediatric infusion

Wesley provides intravenous medications, blood, fluids and other infusion therapies to pediatric patients in an outpatient setting. Our pediatric, intensivists and pediatric intensive care nurses, along with the child life specialists, accomplish the prescribed infusion with skill and caring in a child-friendly setting.

The infusion center is located on the sixth floor of Building 4. For more information on pediatric infusion, please call (316) 962-7940.