Wesley Children's Hospital provides consultation services to staff and patients to address bereavement needs for patients and their families. These individualized services are nurse led and provided by the Pediatric Bereavement Team. This multidisciplinary team includes physicians, nursing, case management, child life, chaplains and psychologists.

The Pediatric Bereavement Team provides consultation regarding the goals of family support during the death of the pediatric patient, including the spiritual and psychosocial support, referral to community resources, organ donation in consultation with organ procurement representative, assist in funeral preparations/arrangements and sibling support/education by Wesley’s Child Life Specialists.

Pediatric bereavement support resources include such things as remembrance cards sent to the family and memory making tools, such as hand/foot prints, fingerprint charm, locks of hair, memory box, etc.

Wesley’s Pediatric Bereavement Team is available for consultation at all times to support the patient, family and staff needs. Consultations can be requested by calling (316) 962-3131 and identifying need for Pediatric Bereavement Team.