Every year, more than 16,000 surgeries are performed at Wesley Medical Center, where advanced technology, skilled physicians and experienced staff provide high-quality care. Many of Wesley’s surgical suites in Wichita, Kansas are equipped and designed for specific types of orthopedic surgeries including joint, knee and hip replacement operations.

Wesley Medical Center offers an orthopedic surgery program that combines the most advanced surgical procedures with experienced, compassionate doctors, nurses and rehabilitation staff. Our orthopedic surgeons are committed to getting you back to the activities you love. We provide our patients the resources they need to have a successful operation and the best possible outcome during their recovery.

Are you experiencing hip pain or knee pain? Learn your orthopedic score.

If you are experiencing pain in your knees or hips, it could be preventing you from living the life you want to live. The knee or hip pain assessment questionnaire available on the Wesley web site is designed to help you consistently measure any mobility restrictions in your lower limbs. The information collected in this standardized questionnaire can be helpful when discussing treatment options with your physician.

The lower extremity functional scale questionnaire contains 20 questions about your ability to perform everyday tasks. The score provided by your answers is particularly valuable when monitored over time to evaluate the course and effectiveness of treatments.

If you are unsatisfied with your results, contact one of our orthopedic doctors today and set up a consultation or contact our total joint program coordinator at (316) 962-3062 to learn more about our joint replacement program.

Occupational and physical therapy

Don’t sit out on life. When you need expert healing, turn to WesleyCare. Our physical and occupational therapists will help you get back to doing what you love. Wesley offers therapy services in three convenient locations, with a certified hand therapist at the central office location who specializes in orthopedic rehabilitation.

Suffering from a hand, wrist, arm, elbow or shoulder condition? Call (316) 962-9835 to schedule an appointment today with one of Wesley’s certified hand therapists. Hand therapy treatment can reduce pain, increase range of motion and strength and improve functional abilities. When your doctor prescribes hand therapy, ask for WesleyCare.

Learn more about our rehabilitation program.