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Neonatal Special Nursery Family Advisory Council

The Wesley Medical Center Neonatal Special Nursery Family Advisory Council’s (FAC) mission is to encourage the values of family-centered care, to promote quality communication between families and staff, to provide a family-centered perspective to Wesley staff and administration and to educate and empower families about their children’s care.

Who are the FAC members?

The members of the FAC have had babies in Wesley Medical Center’s Neonatal Special Nursery (NSN). They all share a desire to help the Wesley NSN become an even stronger facility through family-centered care and a passion for helping current NSN families.

What is family-centered care?

Family-centered care is an approach to the planning, delivery and evaluation of health care. Healthcare professionals and family members work together in a partnership that honors everyone’s strengths and expertise as we work together for the best interest of the children.

Council values:

  • Dignity and respect: Healthcare practitioners honor family perspective and choices. Family knowledge, values, beliefs and cultural backgrounds are incorporated into the planning and delivery of care.
  • Information sharing: Healthcare practitioners communicate and share complete and unbiased information with families.
  • Participation: Families are encouraged and supported in participating in care and decision-making at the level they choose.
  • Collaboration: Patients and families are included on an institution-wide basis. Healthcare leaders collaborate with patients and families in policy and program development, implementation and evaluation in healthcare facility design and in professional education, as well as in the delivery of care.

What does the FAC do for families?

The advisory council can assist current NSN families in several direct and indirect ways by:

  • Speaking up for the needs and ideas of NSN families
  • Connecting people with the correct contacts in the hospital
  • Providing parent-to-parent support
  • Improving the comfort level of families
  • Providing families information and identifying resources

What doesn’t the FAC do for families?

  • Promote special interest groups for profit
  • Act as a spokesperson between parents and the healthcare provider
  • Provide financial aid
  • Give medical advice

Parent-to-parent support

Parents are matched with FAC volunteers who have been through similar experiences. Sometimes just having someone to talk to can make a big different.

Periodically, coffee and other refreshments are provided in the NICU waiting room, for parents to meet and talk with one another. This is a good time to meet members of the FAC.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Family Room

A Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) Family Room is a home-like space located within the NICU for families to relax.

Parents as partners

Family Advisory Council members help hospital staff review policies, procedures and educational materials, giving a family-centered viewpoint.

How do I become a member?

If your child is currently in the NSN, let your nurse know that you are interested in becoming a FAC member after your child is discharged. For more information or an application to join, please contact Sarah Mosier at