Neonatal care

The neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) in the Wesley Women’s Hospital provides specialized infant care that is critical to sustaining and nurturing your newborn. Infants who have complications due to premature birth, infections or other health challenges are admitted for intensive neonatal care.

Rumford's NICU Story

NICU patient care team

Infants receive care from neonatologists, a specialized neonatal nurse team and neonatal respiratory therapists who, all together, average a tenure over 10 years. Pediatric subspecialists in cardiology, neurology and orthopedics join pediatric residents and neonatal nurse practitioners in meeting the challenges of these newborns.

Parental support with the Neonatal Family Advisory Council

The mission of the Wesley Healthcare Neonatal Family Advisory Council (FAC) is to encourage the values of family centered care, to promote quality communication between families and staff, to provide a family centered perspective to Wesley staff and administration and to educate and empower families about their children’s care. The Family Advisory Council volunteers all share a desire to help the Wesley NICU become the most warm, receptive facility as possible through family centered care and a passion for helping current NICU families.

Each member of the Family Advisory Council have had babies in Wesley Medical Center’s NICU and the council as a whole strongly supports affected parents’ involvement with NICU support groups. Sometimes the best thing is to speak with people who can relate to you from their own experiences.

Clinical research

Wesley's 30-year reputation for providing the most advanced neonatal care in the Wichita and northern Oklahoma area is based in part on the hospital's clinical research. Wesley's highly respected NICU serves as a lead institution in presenting evidence about new ways to prevent infections. In fact, our NICU's internal rate of infection is among the lowest third in the country.

Wesley’s very own neonatologist, Dr. Barry Bloom, MD, has worked across the country facilitating teams to develop healthy methods for increasing the rate of weight gain and improving breast milk feeding rates amongst infants in NICUs. Dr. Bloom’s work is having a positive effect on babies at Wesley, as well as at more than 100 NICUs all across the United States, and we are extremely pleased to have a neonatal doctor of his caliber be an integral part of our neonatal care team.

Additionally, Wesley participates in national quality improvement efforts related to chronic lung disease, pain management, effects of lighting, sound, parental involvement and other topics. As a collaborative research support site, Wesley has managed five multicenter surfactant trials, helping to reduce lung disease and injury and infants' reliance on oxygen and ventilators.

The mother/baby connection

In addition to our highly qualified neonatal care team and cutting edge research, Wesley understands and believes in the importance of a mother's love and care. Our mother/baby program makes it possible for moms and babies to connect and be together, even when newborns are in need of special attention in the NICU.

Wesley’s NICVIEW bedside cameras transmit live visual images of the infant through a secure online portal. The passcode-protected portal is designed to comply with HIPAA regulations and enables caregivers to view the infant via any device connected to the internet any time of the day.

Transport team

If the effort to further our hospital’s mission of always putting our community’s health interests and expectations first, Wesley's LifeWATCH neonatal transport team works with the EagleMed ambulance service to bring babies from hundreds of miles away to Wesley via ground and air ambulance.

Emergencies can arise at any moment, especially when concerning infants, premature or not, Wesley makes all of our hospital facilities prepared at all times to handle any emergency situation, including the transportation of patients. The transport team added a new ambulance designed especially for critical infants to its ground fleet in 2017 and now has three ambulances to transport.

Educational classes

Wesley’s neonatal care team works hand in hand with our nationally distinguished maternity care program in the effort to educate expecting families about healthy lifestyle choices to minimize health concerns for newborn babies.

Most expectant parents don't feel completely prepared to have a baby. Whether you're just beginning to think about pregnancy or have already conceived, Wesley offers a variety of classes and information on all stages of pregnancy. Tours of the Wesley Birth Care Suites, birth rooms and special care nurseries are available. Take a look at all the classes we have to offer through Family Life Education.