Emergency Rooms in Wichita

No matter what kind of medical emergency you are experiencing, choose any of the five ERs for immediate care within the Wesley Emergency Care Network in Wichita, KS. All of our emergency rooms provide comprehensive ER care in greater Wichita. Our locations in east, west and central Wichita are open 24-hours a day, seven days a week; with the exception of Children’s ER which is open daily from noon to midnight. However, children can be seen in any of the Wesley ERs. More than 65,000 patients from Kansas and northern Oklahoma are treated annually in our emergency rooms.

Our main emergency care facility, Wesley Medical Center ER, is the largest in Kansas providing 42 all-private rooms with a wide array of medical services for both adults and children and, like all of our immediate and urgent care centers, has experienced, board-certified physicians on staff at all times. As a Level I trauma center, Wesley Medical Center ER is prepared to treat all types of injury. Board-certified trauma surgeons and specialists in surgical intensive care, as well as experienced trauma support nurses and pharmacists are available at all hours of the day, seven days a week.

We realize that emergencies can arise at any moment and at any place, so to provide even more convenience, we opened our fifth emergency and immediate care facility in 2016 in Derby, KS. For all of our emergency care locations alike, Wesley is available when you or a loved one is suffering from a medical emergency and needs immediate care.

We understand there may be pain, stress, discomfort and worry when visiting an ER, and to relieve some of the emotional burden, feel reassured as we accept all major insurance plans. Our emergency room staff is dedicated to providing patients with high quality care and comfort in a timely manner.

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ER wait times

ER wait times are approximate and provided for informational purposes only. If you are having a medical emergency, call 911.

ER wait times represent a four-hour rolling average updated every 30 minutes, and is defined as the time of patient arrival until the time the patient is greeted by a qualified medical professional. Patients are triaged at arrival and are then seen by a qualified medical professional in priority order based on their condition.

Ready Care

Wesley’s main ER also provides Ready Care services, an express lane through the emergency room in a convenient, timely setting for patients. The Ready Care service area is managed by healthcare providers trained in emergency medicine and is fully supervised by board-certified physicians. As an alternative care route from the regular ER, patients are referred to the service through the regular emergency department upon arrival at the hospital.

Ready Care is ideal for patients who need immediate care for a minor emergency in the Wichita area, such as sprains, sore throats, ear infections and rashes.

What to expect

Upon check-in at the reception desk, the triage nurse will ask the patient about symptoms and medical history to determine the seriousness of the medical condition. Triage is a process that helps determine which patients need to be seen sooner because of the severity of their condition. Patients are treated according to the seriousness of their condition. Depending on your condition, you may be:

  • Taken immediately to an emergency room for examination and treatment. A doctor, physician assistant or advanced registered nurse practitioner will examine you and plan your care.
  • Taken to an area for laboratory tests or X-rays. There may be a waiting period of 30 minutes to two hours until test or X-ray results are available.
  • Asked to take a seat in the waiting room until a healthcare provider or the type of emergency room appropriate for your condition is available.

Wesley Children's Hospital ER

The newly opened Wesley’s Children’s Hospital includes a staff of emergency medicine physicians specialized in pediatrics, as well as pediatric dedicated nurses, respiratory therapists, pharmacists and child-life specialists. Our staff provides expert, compassionate inpatient care and is prepared for all types of children’s emergencies, ranging from sudden illness to a life-threatening injury. When it comes to ER care, children are not just small adults, they need the expert, respectful care found only at the Wesley Children’s Hospital ER.

Wesley’s pediatric emergency room is a child-friendly environment separate from the adult emergency rooms. Everything in it is designed to reduce children’s stress and anxiety while providing a reassuring atmosphere for them and their parents. Each child patient has their own private room, toys, books and other fun activities included, and families are more than welcome.

Wesley’s pediatricians are committed to creating an encouraging and nurturing environment for children and their loved ones. When your child needs emergency care, you can trust the pediatric ER staff at Wesley to provide them with the level of care and comfort you demand as a parent.

Is your child having a medical emergency? Check our symptom tracker if you are debating taking your child to the ER.

Wesley Medical Center and the Wesley Children’s Hospital are is prepared and equipped to treat pediatric patients. Additionally, the Children’s Hospital ER is open during peak hours from noon-midnight, seven days a week. During that time, our advertised Pediatric ER wait times represent the average time to see a qualified medical professional. When the Children’s ER is not open, the Peds ER average wait times are more representative of those in the main Wesley Medical Center ER.

Trying to decide if you need to go to the ER or urgent care? Check our listing of possible emergency symptoms and some advice on when to go to the ER when experiencing cold and flu symptoms.