Wesley Healthcare employs several physician practices across a wide variety of specialties, and partners with independent physicians throughout the Wichita area and beyond. To learn more about our employed practices, please follow the links below. In addition, learn more about all the physicians on Wesley’s medical staff.

Heartland Women's Group

Heartland Women's Group is a women's health practice serving the greater Wichita area. We offer a warm and welcoming environment for women in all stages of life, whether they need pregnancy care, an annual exam or help managing menopause. Our obstetricians and gynecologists are committed to our patients' needs and provide personalized care. We believe women deserve the highest quality health care from a compassionate and understanding physician who will always focus on their complete and continuous health.

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Kansas Physicians Group

Kansas Physician Group has provided high-quality and affordable internal medicine and primary care to Wichita and the surrounding areas for years. While we specialize in the internal medicine and primary care fields, we offer other specific services within specialties such as pulmonology, endocrinology and geriatrics. Our doctors also provide sleep medicine and allergy testing services.

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Maternal-Fetal Associates of Kansas

Maternal-Fetal Associates of Kansas has proudly provided excellent high-risk pregnancy and obstetrics care to Wichita and the surrounding communities since 2004. Our providers strive to provide the highest level of care during every aspect of pregnancy, from sonograms to high-risk pregnancy situations.

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Neurology Associates of Kansas

Specializing in adult neurological diseases, Neurology Associates of Kansas provides expert brain, spinal cord and nerve-centered services tailored to your specific needs. We offer comprehensive neuro care through office-based appointments and state-of-the-art NCT/EMG testing on an outpatient basis. We strive to provide a level of care that not only benefits each patient's physical needs, but meets his or her physiological and spiritual needs as well. Our office believes comprehensive and compassionate care is essential to healing and living with neurological disorders.

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