Wesley Healthcare
January 15, 2014

WICHITA, Kan. – With the nation’s healthcare landscape changing daily, Wesley Medical Center recognizes the need for enhanced leadership throughout all levels of the organization.

That’s why the Kansas Leadership Center welcomed 90 Wesley “Fire Starters” and assistant nurse managers to its new leadership training module For the Common Good of Your Business this month. The year-long leadership course offers the group the opportunity to be among the first to experience the new leadership curriculum, designed specifically for the business community to create a mindset and culture that fosters greater creativity, innovation and accountability.

“At the Kansas Leadership Center, we’re firm believers in the notion that leadership is an activity, not a position,” said Ed O’Malley, president and CEO of the Kansas Leadership Center. “We could not be more excited about Wesley Medical Center’s participation in this new component of our training.”

The Fire Starters are a select group of staff members from departments throughout the hospital that demonstrate the ability to keep the “flame” alive for excellence in patient satisfaction. They are individuals who create positive environments for those around them and put the needs of patients and their co-workers above their own. Staff members were nominated and selected by department directors and senior management team members. Development of the Fire Starters group is a leadership initiative from The Studer Group®, a national leadership organization that Wesley began working with in January of last year.

“Wesley is committed to a culture of always; that means we provide excellent care to every patient, every time. To achieve that, though, we must have consistent leadership,” said Kathy Neely, Wesley’s chief nursing officer. “And leaders aren’t just people in management roles – leaders are found throughout an organization.

“The Studer engagement and our partnership with the Kansas Leadership Center are helping us cultivate those leaders and ensure we’re all speaking the same language and working toward the same goals – notably, making sure that every patient has the ‘always’ experience.”

The Kansas Leadership Center (KLC) was established by the Kansas Health Foundation in 2007 as a way to add significant value to the leadership development efforts already undertaken by the foundation. To enhance its existing leadership development efforts – and to reach more people – the Kansas Health Foundation created the Kansas Leadership Center. The foundation’s funding comes from an endowment created by the 1985 sale of Wesley Medical Center.

“The development of the center by the Kansas Health Foundation demonstrates the foundation’s commitment to advance the people and the state of Kansas forward,” said Hugh Tappan, Wesley’s president and CEO. “We are excited that our Fire Starters will have the opportunity to learn about leadership and how they can make a difference by collectively working together toward a common goal.”

The Studer Group works with over 800 healthcare organizations in the U.S. and beyond, teaching them how to achieve, sustain and accelerate exceptional clinical, operational and financial outcomes. Its evidence-based leadership framework helps healthcare organizations achieve greater patient and customer satisfaction, attain higher employee retention and improve quality and safety measures.

“The Studer Group’s programs and our leadership training with the Kansas Learning Center will help us create great places for employees to work, physicians to practice and patients to receive care,” said Tripp Owings, Wesley’s vice president of business development. “Wesley has a team-centered approach to patient care that includes support and commitment from every employee, not just those staff members caring for the patient.”

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Wesley Medical Center is the region’s leading acute care hospital network providing a full range of diagnostic and treatment services for patients throughout Kansas and northern Oklahoma since 1912. As a leader in Overall Recommended Care, Wesley treats more than 24,000 patients annually and delivers more than 6,000 babies – more than any hospital in a 13-state region. Wesley provides the most extensive emergency network in Wichita, with the Wesley ER, Wesley West ER and Galichia ER. Wesley owns and operates Galichia Heart Hospital, WesleyCare Clinics and the Pediatric Center of Kansas. To learn more about Wesley Medical Center, please www.wesleymc.com.