Wesley Healthcare August 20, 2015

WICHITA – Wesley Medical Center is enhancing its imaging capabilities with the installation of new 64-slice Optima® 660 computed tomography, or CT, scanners at both its main campus and Wesley West ER & Diagnostic Center locations.


The $700,000 investment in upgraded scanners will allow Wesley to offer low-dose, preventive health screening services, in addition to routine CT scans, at all three of its campus locations. Galichia Heart Hospital began offering preventive health screenings exams earlier this year.


“We know having access to sophisticated medical technology is vital to delivering a higher level of patient care,” said Brad Bowren, Wesley’s market director of imaging services. “Scans that used to require 30 minutes can now be performed in just 30 seconds, and we now have new exam opportunities, such as arterial exams for vascular disease.”


A CT scanner obtains images of parts of the body that cannot be seen on a standard X-ray. Multiple images are taken during a CT scan and a computer compiles them into a complete, cross-sectional picture of soft tissue, bone and blood vessels. These scans often result in earlier diagnosis and more successful treatment of many diseases.


The Optima CT660 will increase the scope of exams that can be performed at the new locations. Wesley’s main campus and Wesley West will begin offering cardiac calcium scoring exams and lung CT scans later this year. Galichia began offering the low-cost, preventive cardiac health screening in January. Lung nodule screenings will also be offered free with all routine CT scans. If results from any such scans show concern, the staff at Wesley is trained and ready to assist the patient on any next steps.


“The response to providing these types of preventive screenings at Galichia has been extremely positive, and lives are being saved thanks to patients becoming more proactive in their health,” said Steve Edgar, Galichia CEO and Wesley’s market director for cardiovascular services. “Patients are realizing these early detection screenings are key in avoiding potential, extensive and many times, irreversible heart damage.”


The Optima CT660 will also expand Wesley’s imaging capabilities by offering 40-50 percent lower doses of radiation and shorter scan times, which is beneficial to all, but is particularly beneficial to pediatric patients and those who receive multiple scans. Patients who require frequent follow-up CT scans for chronic conditions can now feel comfortable repeating these tests on a regular basis with significantly lower radiation risk.


“With new research, the scientific community and physicians are becoming increasingly aware of the risk of radiation overexposure, particularly to our children,” said Dr. Akash Joshi, MD, Wesley’s medical director of imaging. “Our goal is cut down the unnecessary scans and make CT scans as safe and as fast as possible.”


The Optima CT660s are the latest additions to Wesley’s growing imaging services technology, which also includes the recent investments of the Optima MR45w 1.5 MRI and the Discovery CT750 HD, the world’s best high-definition, low-dose CT technology.


“We want to provide the safest, most comfortable, patient scans, all while receiving the highest quality images available,” Bowren said. “And these investments in imaging technology allow us to do just that.”


Wesley plans to utilize the Optima CT660 in a wide range of clinical areas in addition to cardiovascular and oncology, including neurology, emergency and orthopedics.


For more information about Wesley Medical Center and its imaging services, please visit www.wesleymc.com. 


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