Women’s Navigator Services

Why physicians refer patients to Jolinda

Women who have complex healthcare issues can benefit from the free services of Wesley’s nurse navigator for women. Jolinda Kelley, RN, BSN serves as a liaison between the patient, family and social and healthcare services.

Kelley is available to assist women before, during and after hospitalization. Patients who may be referred include, but are not limited to, those experiencing:

  • Preterm labor

  • Previous fetal death

  • High blood pressure

  • Postpartum depressions

  • Gynecological cancer

  • First pregnancy

  • Premature, prolonged rupture of membranes

  • Twins, triplets or more fetuses

  • Any high-risk pregnancy

  • Known fetal diagnosis or anticipated NICU admission

How women can benefit from Jolinda's services

While Kelley can assist any woman, those who have special circumstances or challenges may gain greater benefits, such as patients who have financial concerns, domestic concerns including personal safety, limited knowledge of the healthcare system, child care responsibilities, transportation concerns, cultural concerns, language barriers, emotional and mental challenges and lack of support system. Kelley can:

  • Provide the patient with a consistent point of contact

  • Identifying possible concerns or needs at the beginning of treatment and make a plan to address them

  • Coordinate healthcare appointments, prepare patients and help them keep appointments

  • Connect the patient with community resources

  • Reduce patient anxiety and provide emotional support

  • Provide a resource for physicians

  • Help explain medical and health information in terms the patient can easily understand

  • Facilitate communication among the various care providers

  • Encourage the patient to take an active role in decision-making

  • Provide information and support in times of crisis

Jolinda Kelley

A graduate of Newman University, she has worked with women in Wesley’s Antepartum and Gynecological Surgery Unit for more than 10 years. She has been a foster parent for 42 children, all of whom had special needs. As a result, she is well acquainted with the various social services available and understands the emotional needs of parents dealing with serious issues involving their children. To refer a patient, call Jolinda Kelley at 316.204.2728.   

Jolinda's services are important to women & physicians whom refer their patients to her. Listen to her story and to her benefits to patients.