Drug Distribution

Wesley is known nationally for its advanced drug distribution systems. Bar code technology is used from the time each drug arrives in the pharmacy until it is administered to a patient in order to minimize opportunities for error. Rather than filling and exchanging unit-dose carts every day, we stock more than 95% of medication doses in computer-controlled cabinets (Pyxis MedStation®) on each patient care area. Medications are released to the nurse for administration to the patient once the pharmacist has reviewed the physician’s order. The nurse must scan a bar code on the medication dose and the patient’s wristband to make sure the correct medication for that patient is being administered.

Within the pharmacy, a standardized bar code is produced for each medication at the time it first arrives. Medications are stored in a computerized device (MedCarousel®), with access dependent on bar code scanning. When medication doses are transferred to the patient care area, the bar code is scanned once again to ensure that it is stocked in the right place in the Pyxis MedStation®. Additional technology is used to optimize work flow. The pharmacy is essentially paperless, moving physician orders electronically in digital format (PyxisConnect®). Clinical pharmacy interventions and care notes are documented electronically and are available for retrieval as well as for viewing by other health care professionals. Communication within the pharmacy and between pharmacy decentralized satellites occurs primarily through an electronic desktop system developed by the pharmacy department, thus minimizing telephone interruptions. This electronic storage and communication system also provides easy access to a wealth of departmental information, right at each employee’s fingertips.