Clinical Services

The goal of clinical pharmacy services is to maximize the care and outcomes of patients through optimal use of medication therapy. Clinical pharmacy specialists provide leadership for the pharmacy and the hospital within their respective area of expertise. They participate with physicians and other members of the healthcare team in direct patient care activities, and are highly sought after for their knowledge and expertise. They provide extensive education for health care professionals about safe and appropriate use of medication therapy.

Clinical staff pharmacists are responsible for reviewing all physician medication orders, guarding against allergies, drug interactions, adverse drug reactions, etc. In addition, they carefully monitor patients on an ongoing basis to help ensure that medication therapy is appropriate and achieving the desired outcomes. These pharmacists provide oversight for the hospital’s drug distribution system to provide accurate and timely medication doses.

Some of the other clinical pharmacy services provided at Wesley include:

  • Anticoagulation service
  • Pharmacokinetic dosing
  • Antibiotic streamlining
  • Code blue response
  • Patient education
  • Renal dosing adjustment
  • Trauma response
  • Drug information
  • Physician rounding
  • Sepsis team
  • Drug use evaluation (DUE)
  • Committee membership
  • Formulary development and control
  • Protocol and preprinted order development
  • Research and investigational drugs