Women's Health

Women's Health

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Wesley provides a full range of services designed especially for women, from routine outpatient checkups to specialized treatment of the most serious diseases. Wesley’s philosophy of women’s care focuses on sensitivity, privacy, education, and patient involvement in decision-making.

Maternity care

Wesley has been known as “The Baby Hospital” since opening Wichita’s first “Mother’s Room” in 1912. More babies are born at Wesley than any other hospital in a 13-state region. Wesley’s facilites and experience are unsurpassed in the area. Learn more at the Childbirth and Pregnancy page.

WesleyCare Breastfeeding Clinic

Research shows that 60% of new mothers do not breastfeed as long as they intended to due to a variety of problems, many of which develop soon after mother and baby go home from the hospital. At the daily walk-in clinic, consultants are available to provide weight checks for babies and assist with any breastfeeding challenges or questions that arise.

The walk-in clinic is located at Health Strategies, 551 N. Hillside, suite 130 and is open Monday - Friday from 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm. It is free of charge to women whose babies were born at Wesley. A one-time chart initiation fee of $50 is required for women who did not deliver at Wesley. Learn More

Heartland Women’s Group

Three locations: 9300 E. 29th St. N., Suite 320, and Medical Arts Tower, 3243 E. Murdock St., Suite 200 and 3730 N. ridge Rd., Suite 200. Heartland Women’s Group has seven experienced obstetrician/gynecologists available to serve you: Drs. Bruce Bammel, Janna Chilbry, Melissa Hague, Dawn Lowden, Hilary Rainbolt, Katie Sutton, and James Whiddon.  Call 316.962.2229. Learn More

Women’s Hospital

A four-story section of Wesley is the Women’s Hospital, dedicated to the care of women only. All the rooms are private. Several floors are for pregnancy and maternity care.

The fourth floor is dedicated to inpatients who have had gynecological or breast surgery, including cancer surgery. The nursing staff on this unit have won the Qualilty of Life Award, given by the Wichita Medical Research and Education Foundation, for their compassionate care.

Diagnosis and treatment

Wesley’s advanced imaging and laboratory facilities provide mammograms, tests for osteoporosis, endometriosis, uterine fibroids, cancers of the breast and reproductive organs, and many other conditions women may have.

Whether the condition is a harmless lump in the breast or advanced ovarian cancer, Wesley has the technology and expertise to provide state-of-the-art treatment. Advanced treatment options include:

  • Trilogy: the world’s most advanced radiosurgery treatment for cancer
  • Mammosite: breast cancer radiation therapy which minimizes radiation to healthy tissue and achieves better cosmetic results
  • Laparoscopic surgery: surgeons operate using scopes inserted through very small incisions, resulting in faster healing and minimal scarring

Wesley believes treatment should consider patients’ emotional and self-image needs, pain relief, and sensitivity to the time constraints and responsibilities women have to their families and their employment.


Two clinics provide women’s services: the Wesley Family Medicine Center at 850 N. Hillside (phone 962-3070) and the Wesley Women’s Clinic at 620 N. Carriage Parkway (phone 962-3100). Among their services are well-women exams, pregnancy and post-pregnancy care, diagnosis and treatment of menstrual disorders, menopause, breast and uterine disorders, sexually transmitted diseases, urinary tract infections, urinary incontinence, nutrition, anemia, and general health concerns.