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Women’s Care

Women’s services

Wesley’s gynecologists and obstetricians provide a full range of services for women, from routine gynecology checkups to specialized treatment of breast cancer. Wesley’s philosophy of women’s healthcare focuses on sensitivity, privacy, education and patient involvement in decision-making.

Women’s Hospital

A four-story section of Wesley is the Women’s Hospital, dedicated to the care of women only. Several floors are for pregnancy and maternity care.

The fourth floor is dedicated to inpatients that require hospitalization before the birth of their infant or those who have had gynecological or breast surgery. All rooms are private and are staffed by compassionate nurses. The nursing staff on this unit have won the Quality of Life Award, given by the Wichita Medical Research and Education Foundation, for their dedication to women’s healthcare.

Maternity care

Wesley has been known as ‘The Baby Hospital’ since opening Wichita’s first ‘mother’s room’ in 1912. More babies are born in our birthing center than any other hospital in Kansas. Our birth centers are outfitted with the most advanced medical technology designed to support both mother and child during labor. Women choose Wesley’s birth centers because of our exceptional obstetricians whose decades of experience are unsurpassed in the region.

Women’s nurse navigator services

Our women’s nurse navigator can help coordinate your care if you have complications or concerns with a women’s healthcare condition, from your first pregnancy to gynecological cancer. She is available before, during and after hospitalization. Along with your doctor, a navigator can help you deal with issues such as preterm labor and high-risk pregnancy, and she can connect you with community resources that might be beneficial.

Diagnosis and treatment

Wesley’s advanced imaging and laboratory facilities provide mammograms and other tests for osteoporosis, endometriosis, uterine fibroids, cancers of the breast and reproductive organs and many other conditions women may have.

Whether the condition is a harmless lump in the breast or advanced ovarian cancer, Wesley has the technology and expertise to provide advanced cancer treatment.

Cancer treatment options include:

  • Trilogy®: the world’s most advanced radiosurgery treatment for cancer
  • The Varian Edge®: offers patients a fast, effective surgical option for treating tumors without incisions or the need for overnight hospital stays
  • Mammosite: breast cancer radiation therapy which minimizes radiation to healthy tissue and achieves better cosmetic results
  • Laparoscopic surgery: surgeons operate using scopes inserted through very small incisions, resulting in faster healing and minimal scarring
  • da Vinci Robotic Surgery ®
  • Xoft Intraoperative Radiation Therapy (IORT): form of brachytherapy for early breast cancer treatment, where radiation is delivered within the surgical cavity, providing a complete dose of radiation in one treatment during a breast lumpectomy.

Wesley believes treatment plans should be designed thoughtfully. Our caregivers consider each patient’s emotional and self-image needs, desire for pain relief, and time constraints and responsibilities.

Women’s clinics