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Trauma Care

American College of Surgeons Verified Trauma Center

Wesley Medical Center in Wichita is a Level I Trauma Center and provides the highest level of expert care for all types of injuries or other medical emergencies. Going to the ER can be a stressful experience, but you can be confident that our highly skilled physicians and ER surgeons have years of expertise use state-of-the-art technology. Trauma patients are brought to our world-class facilities by ground and air ambulances from across Kansas and northern Oklahoma.

Our highly trained and experienced trauma surgeons are in-house 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When Wichita locals have a medical emergency, they choose Wesley emergency rooms.

Improving the quality of care

Wesley has collected data on its trauma patients since July 1989, and now has one of the largest trauma registries in Kansas. Statistical information is collected and abstracted from prehospital injury event through discharge. The resulting data contributes to continual improvement of quality, processes, protocol and injury prevention education. Patient confidentiality is maintained during all aspects of data collection and reporting.

Pediatric Trauma Center

Trauma is the leading cause of death and disability in children older than one year of age. Children with critical injuries should be treated at a trauma center that has expertise in pediatric trauma rather than an urgent care center. Wesley is a Level ll Pediatric Trauma Center staffed by highly trained and experienced board-certified pediatric trauma surgeons and pediatric critical care intensivists.

Wesley supports programs that include public education to help reduce pediatric injuries. Topics include bicycle safety, vehicle seat belts and car seats, poison and choking prevention, safe driving, playground and sports safety, and violence prevention.

Injury is the leading cause of death of children in the U.S. For each death from trauma, there are at least two cases of permanent disability.

Wesley’s Pediatric Injury Prevention Program is dedicated to helping children, youth and parents prevent injuries. The pediatric trauma team also works with area schools to provide safety education.

For more information and to check class availability, contact:

Mollie Triplett, RN, BSN
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