Gynecological Wellness

Gynecological Wellness


Wesley has a special unit for gynecology and gynecological cancer patients on the fourth floor of Wesley's Women's Hospital. Among the patients are those who have experienced radical surgery, radiation implants, chemotherapy, and treatment complications. This unit also cares for pregnant women that may require hospitalization before their baby is born.

Many of the surgeries for women on this unit can be done with the da Vinci® robot.

The unit's nurses and other specially trained and experienced staff provide emotional support and education as well as care of the patients' health needs. The nursing staff won the 2002 Quality of Life Award given by Wichita Medical Research and Education Foundation for their outstanding nursing care and ongoing support to patients and their families.

Families are welcome in the unit, and a family member may stay overnight if the patient is in a private room. Small children are welcome to visit if they are accompanied by an adult other than the patient.