Gamma Knife

Gamma Knife

Wesley's Gamma Knife offers hope to many patients who have brain tumors or other serious abnormalities in the head that otherwise might be inoperable. Gamma Knife treatment has been used worldwide for many years, and its safety and effectiveness are well documented. The treatment is most commonly used to treat benign and metastatic brain tumors, trigeminal neuralgia, blood vessel malformations, and acoustic neuromas. Treatment for other neurological conditions is being researched.

GK-beams Not actually a knife, the Gamma Knife directs beams of radiation through a special helmet. The beams are weak as they pass through healthy tissue, but powerful when they intersect at the target. Unlike conventional radiation therapy, the Gamma Knife is so exact that it damages or destroys only the target while leaving surrounding tissue unharmed. The targeted abnormality may stop growing and eventually shrink in size. Usually only one treatment is needed. The entire treatment process takes four to five hours, after which the patient goes home and can begin resuming normal activities in a day or two. The procedure is painless, and side effects are minimal.

In comparison to conventional neurosurgery, Gamma Knife treatment offers patients substantial benefits:

  1. Outpatient, rather than inpatient stay
  2. Less pain
  3. Faster recovery
  4. Lower cost

The Wesley Gamma Knife Center accepts most insurance plans.

For more information about Wesley's Gamma Knife , call 316-962-2945 or toll-free 800-576-4303 or e-mail the Gamma Knife coordinator, Julie Anderson, R.N., at

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