Emergency Care for Children

Emergency Care for Children


Pediatric Emergency Care

When your child needs emergency care, you want to see a specialist. You want an environment where your child will feel comfortable and safe. You want experienced nurses who provide plenty of TLC. All of these things – and more – are provided in Wesley Medical Center’s pediatric emergency suite.

The staff includes emergency medicine physicians trained in pediatrics, pediatricians, pediatric nurses and a child-life specialist, as well as respiratory therapists, pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals who specialize in pediatrics. They are prepared for all types of children’s emergencies, ranging from sudden illness to a life-threatening injury. And they are experienced in the different ways to approach children of various ages, from infants to teens. Children are treated with respect, honesty and kindness.

Wesley’s pediatric emergency suite is a child-friendly environment separate from the adult emergency rooms. Everything in it is designed to reduce children’s stress and provide a reassuring atmosphere for them and their parents. Each patient has a private room where families are welcome. In their rooms are a television that provides age-appropriate, non-commercial programs and toys and books to help distract them from any discomfort and stress.

Children who need to be admitted to Wesley also receive expert and compassionate inpatient care at Wesley’s Children’s Center.

Ready Care

Wesley’s main emergency department also provides Ready Care services, an “express lane” through the emergency department in a convenient, timely setting. These services are an alternative care route to the regular emergency department where treatment is determined on the severity of the patient’s condition. Ready Care is ideal for patients who need immediate care for small emergencies, such as sprains, sore throats, ear infections and rashes. The service area is managed by providers trained in emergency medicine and is fully supervised by board-certified physicians. Patients are referred to the area through the regular emergency department.