Ethics and Compliance Program

Wesley's Ethics and Compliance Program Includes:

  • Articulating standards of compliance and ethical conduct through a Code of Conduct and a series of company Policies and Procedures.
  • Creating awareness of these standards among everyone in the company through high quality ethics training, compliance training, and other ongoing communication efforts.
  • Providing a means to report exceptions (i.e., possible misconduct). We maintain an Ethics Line (1-800-455-1996) to receive reports from anyone who is aware of a violation of our Code of Conduct or Policies and Procedures. This line is answered at all times. You can also contact the Facility Ethics and Compliance Officer at (316) 962-2463, or (316) 962-2075 TDD.
  • Monitoring and auditing performance in areas of compliance risk to ensure that established policies and procedures are being follow and are effective.
  • Establishing organizational supports, including necessary committees, responsible executives and facility ethics and compliance officers, for this entire effort.
  • And undertaking other efforts, such as clinical ethics and pastoral care services.
  • Kansas False Claims Policy