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Wesley Birthcare Center
3222 E. Murdock St, Wichita, KS 67208

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About Wesley Birthcare Center

Wesley BirthCare Center provides a comforting, spa-like environment for women expecting low-risk births. It is located just north of Wesley Medical Center, on the north side of Murdock.

Labor, delivery, recovery and the subsequent stay all take place in one of the center’s 20 comfortable birthing suites, where mother and baby stay together. To make the suites more like home, each includes a family room and private bathroom, in addition to the mother’s room. The center has two kitchen areas and a playroom for young brothers and sisters, and the facility is staffed by experienced, compassionate caregivers.

Wesley Healthcare is the first and only health system to be designated “Baby-Friendly” by the World Health Organization and the United Nations Children’s Fund, or UNICEF. The Baby-Friendly initiative encourages skin-to-skin contact between mothers and newborns and “rooming in” with the baby. Both practices encourage bonding and improve the newborn’s ability to breastfeed. Wesley follows national guidelines that offer mothers information, confidence and skills needed to successfully initiate and continue breastfeeding their babies.

If complications occur while you are at Wesley BirthCare Center, your doctor has the option of performing the delivery at the center, where emergency cesarean section rooms are available, or transferring you to Wesley Medical Center’s women’s hospital, which is connected to the center by an underground walkway.

Women admitted to Wesley BirthCare Center must be in active labor or their water must have broken (meaning amniotic fluid is leaking.) Sometimes it is difficult to decide when to come to the hospital. If you think you may be in labor, call your doctor or come to the center. If you are not in active labor, you may return home, where you will be most comfortable.

Tours of Wesley BirthCare Center are available. Please call (316) 962-3222 for more information.

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