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Knowing about the birth process and parenting will help you assume your new role with greater ease, comfort and joy. Wesley is known as "The Baby Hospital" and offers one of the most comprehensive and affordable birth care classes in the region. Register today!

Wesley offers a childbirth refresher class for those who have previously taken the childbirth preparation course. The refresher class reviews the basics and presents ways for you to prepare your children for the new arrival. Please call (316) 962-2290 to learn more.

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  • For more information, or to register, please call (316) 962-6000

Learn the advantages of breastfeeding and how to get off to the best start. $25 per couple

Eventbrite - Breastfeeding Eventbrite - Breastfeeding (Wesley West) Eventbrite - Breastfeeding (Saturdays)

Wondering how you'll continue breastfeeding your baby when you return to work or school? We recommend to take this classl after the birth of your baby and at least by the time your baby is six weeks old. This is a free class.

Eventbrite - Breastfeeding

This class can help you prevent accidents by “child proofing” your home. CPR training for infants and children is included. $15 per person

Eventbrite - CPR for Infants and Children Eventbrite - CPR for Infants and Children (Wesley West)

Learn skills to use during labor for comfort. Information about medications, anesthesia, induction of labor and cesarean birth are included. $80 per couple

Eventbrite - Childbirth Preparation Eventbrite - Childbirth Preparation (Saturday) Eventbrite - Childbirth Preparation - Westside

Learn important skills to use during labor, such as paced breathing, various positions, massage and ways to decrease discomfort. Birth partners learn to assist and provide emotional support. Information about medications, anesthesia, induction of labor and cesarean birth is included. $50.00 per family. This class meets from 7-9pm, one night a week for four weeks.

Eventbrite - Mini Childbirth Preparation Eventbrite - Mini Childbirth Preparation (Westside) Eventbrite - Mini Childbirth Preparation (Morning)

Important information for prenatal health. This class must be taken before 20 weeks gestation. This class includes information on preterm labor, nutrition, exercise, changes of pregnancy and fetal development. $15 per couple

Eventbrite - Off to a Good Start

This class helps to prepare for a scheduled cesarean birth. Includes a tour of the hospital. $15 per couple

Eventbrite - Cesarean Birth

Topics include medical and emotional issues related to having a vaginal delivery after a cesarean birth and ways to enhance the birth experience. No charge

Eventbrite - VBAC - Vaginal Birth After Cesarean

Learn about toilet training, including how to recognize signs of readiness, incentive ideas and realistic expectations. $15 per couple

Eventbrite - Potty Time

Learn ways to calm your newborn baby. Learn how to hear exactly what your baby’s cries are telling you. Being able to identify the needs of your baby will deepen the bond with your child and ease much of the pressure and stress that is felt as new parents. $15 per couple

Eventbrite - Calming Your Baby

This class helps prepare youth ages 11-15 to care for children of all ages. CPR training is included. $40 per person (lunch included)

Eventbrite - Babysitting for Beginners

Bathing, diapering, feeding, safety, child development, health and other practical information are included. $25 per couple

Eventbrite - Caring for Your Baby Eventbrite - Caring for your Baby (Saturday) Eventbrite - Caring for Your Baby-Westside

Topics include after birth care for mom and what to expect after birth. Postpartum blues and depression are discussed as well as, childcare and bringing baby home. $15 per couple

Eventbrite - Postpartum - What to expect

Learn about infants’ sleep patterns and how the whole family can get adequate sleep. $15 per couple

Eventbrite - Sleepy Time

A hands on class that provides information and ideas on how to make the "twos" terrific for the whole family. Each couple will make a game to take home. $15 per family.

Eventbrite - Having Fun with Your Toddler

Provides practical information for dads and their pregnant partners. Topics include the father’s role during labor, financial and sexual concerns and preparation for going home after birth. $15 per couple

Eventbrite - Dads Class

Grandparents learn about current birth practices and changes in feeding and newborn care, as well as how they can be most helpful in their new role and share in the family experience. $15 per couple

Eventbrite - Grandparent to Be

Class for children ages 3-6 years old. Provides activities and information to help them feel they are an important part of this family experience. A tour of the BirthCare Center is included. $10 per child

Eventbrite - Big Kids & Babies

Couples expecting twins or more can learn how to handle the physical discomfors and stresses of pregnancy, increased nutritional demand and parenting more than one infant. Two 2-hour classes

Eventbrite - Miraculous Multiples

Most care seats are used incorrectly. Learn how to select a safe car seat and use it effectively. No fee

Eventbrite - Car Seat Safety Eventbrite - Car Seat Safety (Wesley West)

Sign up for a free tour of the BirthCare Center or Hospital

Eventbrite - BirthCare Center Tour (No Charge) Eventbrite - Hospital Tours (No Charge)

For girls ages 9-12 and their mothers, this class addresses menstruation and other physical and emotional changes of puberty. $15 per mother/daughter couple.

Eventbrite - Girl to Woman

*Package of classes $120.00

Childbirth Preparation, Caring for Baby, Breastfeeding, The Dad’s Class, Off to a Good Start and Postpartum Care

For more information, or to register, please call (316) 962-6000.