One Call Transfer Center


Providers can call our convenient One Call Center to facilitate transfers to Wesley Medical Center or Wesley Woodlawn at any time of the day or night. If only a consult is needed, the One Call Center can make that connection as well.

We accept patients 24/7:

Adults: (Wesley & Wesley Woodlawn)

  • Trauma/emergency

  • Medical, surgical, coronary critical care

  • Intermediate care and med/surg

Pediatrics: (Wesley)

  • Trauma/emergency

  • Pediatric intensive care

  • Pediatric

Obstetrics/Neonatal: (Wesley)

  • High-risk obstetrics

  • Neonatal intensive care

  • Neonatal special care

One Call Transfer Request Process: (Referral)

  1. The provider calls the One Call RN transfer coordinator for consult and/or transfer and admission.

  2. RN transfer coordinator locates the appropriate consulting physician and initiates the phone patch.

  3. Once provider acceptance has been verified, the transfer coordinator asks for the following information:

  • Patient name, age and date of birth

  • Method of transportation

  • Contact name and number

  • Location of the patient

  1. Bed assignment and nurse-to-nurse reports are completed.

  2. Patient face sheet is faxed to 316.962.2622.