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Wesley Medical Center Outranks Top 10% Hospitals in Quality

October 21, 2011

Wichita, Kansas – Wesley Medical Center has improved upons its already high rankings for Overall Recommended Care as reported by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services (CMS). The most recent CMS data found at ranks Wesley as 107 out of 2,046 hospitals in the nation.

Why Not the Best is a statistical resource that compiles a weighted average of all the process-of-care, or “core” measures reported by CMS. Wesley is shown as outperforming the Nation’s top 10% of hospitals including renowned facilities such as Johns Hopkins and Mayo Clinic.

“This speaks directly to the initiatives we have championed with patient care and process improvement,” said Hugh Tappan, Wesley President and CEO. “Exceptional patient outcomes based on best practices is our goal and we are proud that those efforts are being recognized on a national level.”

Unlike fee-based, private measuring services such as Healthgrades, Why Not the Best uses transparent data from more than 2,000 hospitals on categories such as 30-day readmission rates, correct antibiotic administration and accurate dismissal instructions.

“We appreciate recognition from all external sources such as Healthgrades and are thankful these groups are emphasizing quality. But Wesley prefers to gauge our performance based on the more transparent data publicly provided by CMS – especially since it is that exact data that is increasingly being used as a reference in healthcare reform,” said Dr. Francie Ekengren, Wesley Chief Medical Officer.

Below is a summary of how Wesley performed according to

Wesley National top 10%

Overall recommended care98.96 % 98.56 %

Overall heart attack care 99.83 % 99.93 %

Overall heart failure care 98.70 % 99.39 %

Overall pneumonia care98.99 % 98.46 %

Overall surgical care98.73 % 98.65 %