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Wesley Medical Center Launches New Healthcare Mobile App

August 15, 2012

WICHITA, Kansas - Wesley Medical Center is releasing its Wesley Kids Symptom Checker Application which will be available for free download from the Apple app store starting today. The symptom checker is also available online at The application helps parents and other caregivers make appropriate decisions on what level care (if any) is needed and specific action recommendations to provide symptom relief for minor illnesses and injuries they can manage on their own.

The consumer-focused care guides are derived from the telephone protocols used by more than 400 hospital-based medical advice lines and tested in over 150 million symptom calls. The decision support information is consistent with the Schmitt-Thompson protocol books used by 10,000 practices and over 90% of pediatric offices. The application also provides a pediatric medication dosage chart and the ability to create custom profiles for multiple children with allergy and medication information as well as any notes regarding the child’s health condition. The application also includes a listing of family physicians, pediatricians and pediatric sub-specialists.

“This App is very user friendly,” said Lindall Smith, Wesley Pediatric Intensive Care Unit Medical Director. “It keeps all your children’s medication and allergy lists handy. It has a place to store your physician and other emergency contact numbers, and helps to determine the level of concern parents should have about the child’s symptoms and when to seek medical assistance. And it’s free… what’s not to like - every parent should add it to their smart phone.”

The number of mobile health application users will reach 247 million by the year’s end, which is twice the number of users from 2011. Wesley Medical Center is answering the call for more mobile health care advice. Wesley is also promoting the Wesley Kids app throughout their hospitals, ER’s and clinics.

“Having a symptom checker with all of this great heath information in one place, geared toward the needs of our parents, will be an asset to our school nurses,” said Kathy Hubka, coordinator of health services for the Wichita Public Schools. “Children learn best when they are healthy, and we applaud Wesley for reaching out to our parents with this great new resource.”

Wesley Kids Symptom Checker Functions: Diagnose by symptom, body area; medication and allergy list; behavioral and nutritional health; pediatric medication dosage chart; find a nearby ER, pediatric ER, or doctor; and when to visit the ER, physician’s office and home care advice.