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The Future of Spine Surgery at Wesley

WICHITA, Kansas – Wesley Medical Center, an acute care hospital providing full range of diagnostic and treatment services for patients throughout Kansas and northern Oklahoma, announces it has entered a new era in advanced patient care with the O-arm® Multidimensional Imaging System. The O-arm manufactured and distributed by the Navigation division of Medtronic, Inc., will be unveiled at a special open house for local physicians and media affiliates at the hospital tomorrow, July 12 from 4:00 – 5:00 pm.

Using intraoperative scans and a technology similar to GPS, the O-arm enables the surgeon to clearly visualize anatomy in three dimensions during surgery and see the exact placement of surgical instrumentation.

The O-arm’s computer can virtually simulate placement of screws, implants, and other devices, using the individual patient’s image, so the surgeon can decide which options will be best before putting the actual items in place. This visualization can help prevent follow-up surgery.

The O-arm facilitates:

  • Precise navigate through the delicate anatomy at exactly the right angle to avoid critical structures like the spinal cord;
  • A more minimally invasive procedure with fewer and smaller incisions;
  • A preservation of healthy tissue;
  • Minimization of complications, pain, recovery time, and the need for repeat surgeries;
  • Fast, low-radiation 2-D fluoroscopic images of full 3-D reconstructions in standard and high definition.

“This is the newest and greatest in surgical technology,” said Becky Klungreseter, Wesley associate chief nursing officer. “I believe there is going to be a significant demand for this.”

Initially Wesley’s O-arm will be used for spinal surgery; however, it is appropriate for orthopedic or trauma-related surgery in any part of the body. An educator from Medtronic Navigation will be at Wesley for a month or more to train surgeons, imaging and surgical staff in using the O-arm. Surgeries using the O-arm will begin later this week.