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New Cath Lab X-Ray at Galichia Uses Less Radiation, Wide-ranging Imagery

February 14, 2013

The first of its kind in Wichita, Galichia Heart Hospital has added the Allura XperSwing, a new Philips machine that helps diagnose cardiac patients and plan their interventions using fewer X-ray runs.

During an XperSwing dual axis rotation, the C-arm rotates in a curved trajectory around the patient, thereby imaging all the desired anatomical views in a single run, using less contrast volume and radiation.

“For patients, it’s a significant reduction in radiation time; it can potentially cut it in half,” said Galichia Cath Lab Manager Monique Lloyd. “Pictures are top of the line.”

Galichia’s other two cath lab tubes are within one or two years old, Lloyd shared, making Galichia’s Cath Lab one of the best equipped in the region.

This is good news for chronic coronary disease patients, who risk contrast-induced nephropathy and the short and long-term effects of ionizing radiation. Galichia’s Xper Swing saves on contrast volume and X-ray dose over conventional angiography, Philips experts said.