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Mannequins Go Red for Women on Wichita Billboards

February 03, 2011

Wesley Medical Center is reshaping the landscape of Wichita by installing mannequins on billboards throughout the city on Friday, February 4th. Each mannequin will done a red dress in an effort to promote the American Heart Association’s Go Red For Women movement.

“We are excited about promoting February as Heart Health Month along with the Go Red for Women campaign,” said Paul Petite, Wesley Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations. “It is important to Wesley to shed light on heart disease, the number 1 killer for women. The idea behind the mannequins is to raise awareness of such an important issue in a noticeable way throughout the city.”

The mannequins will be placed on nine Clear Channel billboards with the message Wear Red for Women. The billboards are located at:

1419 E. Central East face

6215 W. Kellogg WF

4677 S. I-135 SF

2075 N. West St. SF

203 N. I-135 SF

832 Webb SF

245 S. Tyler NF

3406 N I-135 NF

7100 E Harry EF

To find out more information about Go Red for Women go to the Wesley Heart Health Facebook page.