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First Hypothermic Treatment Performed at Wesley Medical Center

Physicians and staff at Wesley Medical Center are calling it an amazing recovery using a very rare procedure. Wichita veterinarian Dr. John Brooks received hypothermic treatment on February 11 at Wesley Medical Center after suffering cardiac arrest. Dr. Brooks was found slumped over in his vehicle before a passerby called 911. He is the first patient to receive hypothermic treatment at Wesley.

“This is definitely a fantastic recovery.” said Terry Steinbacher, Wesley Coronary Care Unit Manager. “If Dr. Brooks had not had the procedure there is a good possibility that he would not be with us today.”

Hypothermic treatment is a unique method of cooling the body to preserve brain cells. The body is placed in a wrap for the purpose of slowing down the effects of a lack of oxygen to body – thereby decreasing the chance of brain damage. The cutting edge treatment is used on patients who sustain cardiac arrest under very specific circumstances.

“We had to make a very quick decision in Dr. Brooks’ case.” said cardiologist Dr. Assem Farhat who oversaw the treatment procedure. “We slowly brought up Dr. Brooks’ temperature over the course of 24 hours, monitoring his body temperature initially every 15 minutes. The procedure went very well. He has shown marked improvement and will continue to see improvements over the next six months. I expect him to make a complete recovery.”

Dr. Brooks is well known is well in Kansas for his treatment of horses and his care of animals.

He opened Meadowbrook Veterinary Hospital in 1996. The facility offers the highest quality care and treatment for both equine and small animal patients. Dr. Brooks also runs Meadowbrook Safe Harbor for homeless dogs and cats. All of John’s earnings go to run Meadowbrook Veterinary Hospital.

Friends and family are concerned for the health and well being of these animals during Dr. Brooks’ recovery. Therefore, a special benefit to help funding of the MeadowBrook Veterinary Hospital will be held March 12. For more information go to A special benefit fund has also been set-up at Rose Hill Bank:

For more information on Meadowbrook Veterinary Hospital go to